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Innovation, Technology, and Honesty separates Ice Rink Supply from its competition. The Ice Rink Supply's combined expertise and knowledge ...

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Task Ice Rink Supply to provide Consultation, MEP (mechanical, electrical, & plumbing) Design, and CAD Drawings to ...

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Ice Rink Supplies, Advanced Technology Products are a result of years of research. Some of our products are internationally patented...

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Ice Rink Supply ( IRS ) provides a cutting edge approach to building your ice rink equipment package and the maintenance of your ice sheet. We design, manufacture, supply and install permanent, portable and rental ice rinks. IRS provides Refrigeration Pipe Grids, Chillers, Circulation Pump Stations, Festival Rink Boards, Hockey Boards, Ice Resurfacers, Dehumidification, ice building and ice maintenance products & equipment and skates. "Disney on Ice" is one of our best known customer using our patented ice products in their world famous traveling ice shows. Ice Rink Supply welcomes you to the world of advanced rink technology. We provide services, equipment and products worldwide. IRS has offices in USA, Canada, China, South Africa and the Philippines. IRS manufactures ice rinks using internationally patented designs and products. We design, build, supply, and install your rink, to your needs and specifications. Ice Rink Supply can also renovate your existing rink equipment package.

Along with our combined expertise and knowledge of the ice rink business, since 1966, IRS offers to you, the most advanced and innovative services available in the ice rink industry. What separates Ice Rink Supply from our is our Innovation, Technology & Honesty.

Ice Rink Supply has secured the rights of the patents and technology from the developer, Michael Rzechula, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Ice Rink Supply. His background in the ice rink industry dates back to 1966. He is a pioneer in organizing Youth Hockey and training Referees in the USA, as he is a retired amateur, college & pro Referee, having worked with NHL Officials.

Ice Rink Supply utilizes the (11) U.S.A. and Canadian patents for refrigeration pipe grids and ice products. Our innovation and superior technology puts us "head and shoulders" above our competition. We owe our success, spanning six (6) decades of research and development, to hard work and to our loyal customers. Ice Rink Supply rink equipment and products are "engineered, researched, then rink proven!"